New BlackBerry phone may be on its way

New BlackBerry phone may be on its way

BlackBerry may be pulling out of making its own hardware(the
are little more than rebadgedAlcatels,but one final true BlackBerry is headed our way.

Rumored since June, the Mercury cropped up on GeekBenching October and last month its existence was confirmedby company CEOJohn Chen.
The two photos that just showed up on Weibo reveal a device very much the same as that first shot from June from what appeared to be an internal presentation,

What we know for specs so far includes a 4.5-inch display with a 3:2 ratio (BlackBerry is all about crazy screen aspects – remember the 1:1Passport, a 2.0GHz CPU as part of a Qualcomm chip, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. That front camera we mentioned should be 8MP, while on the back an 18MP shooter is expected.

Now, as evident from the images, the Mercury will run Android like every BlackBerry since thePrivbut it just doesn’t look like Nougat at first glance, as was previously rumored.It seems we’re about to find out for sure any time soon, now that units have started appearing in the wild. We’ll keep you posted

Ben Kabuula


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