New Surface Pro 3 update is aimed at improving battery life

​Microsoft has started rolling out a new update to Surface Pro 3 devices. The update bring along several changes, including improvements related to battery life, keyboard, and fingerprint sensor.

Microsoft Surface Pro
Here’s the official change-log for the update:

Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware

 · v3.9.850.0 increases battery life during sleep mode and improves keyboard stability.

Surface Pro UEFI

 · v3.11.1450.0 improves system sleep and hibernation behavior when battery level is low.

Surface Fingerprint Sensor

 · v2.2.10.8 increases finger print touch stability coming out of sleep.

Surface Pen Settings

 · v11.0.311.0 enhances pen setting driver stability.

It’s worth mentioning that many users of the 2-in-1 detachable have been complaining about battery life-related problems recently. Possibly, the update fixes those issues as well.


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