Windows 10 is on 350 million devices already, Anniversary Update officially drops on August 2

Yesterday Microsoft published, then pulled a blog post title saying the Windows 10 Anniversary Update would be released on August 2.

Windows Logo

Today the company has thankfully decided to publish it again, and this time has not pulled it immediately afterwards. What’s more, the blog post even has content now.

And from that we find out that Windows 10 is already installed on some 350 million devices worldwide, which is very respectable for a desktop operating system. Microsoft is also boasting that customer satisfaction higher with Windows 10 than for any previous version.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update was announced in March, and when it lands it will be free for everyone running Windows 10. It will bring with it support for Windows Hello biometric authentication in more apps and in the Edge browser, improvements to Windows Defender, an enhanced Cortana, and Windows Ink which will make handwriting using a stylus a primary mode of interaction with the OS.

You also get improvements in the Edge browser, with better power efficiency, extension support, and a new accessibility architecture.


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