Facebook’s News Feed will soon show you stuff from your friends and family first

Facebook has announced that it’s tweaking its News Feed yet again, following user feedback. Soon, after the change is implemented, you’re supposedly going to see what your friends and family post first.

Facebook home

Stuff from “friends you care about” will be higher up in your News Feed than before, all in a move meant to ensure you don’t miss any important things shared by the people you actually know in real life.

The social network has also revealed how it prioritizes stuff in the News Feed. Aside from always showing you things from your closest friends (and family members), it has found that people would like the News Feed to inform and entertain, so its algorithms are constantly tweaking what you see based on what they consider you might find informative or entertaining.

These could be posts about current events, stories about your favorite celebs, some local news, recipes, Live videos, or funny photos. What you end up seeing depends a lot on what content you’ve interacted with (by liking, commenting, and sharing it further) in the past, and who created that of course.

You can actively participate in the customization of your News Feed by using the Hide, Unfollow, and See first options when you feel you need to – this will actually help Facebook’s algorithms become better at showing you what you’d


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