Skype 7.0 for Android brings a new tablet interface

The latest update for Skype’s Android app introduces a Material Design style to tablets, following a similar revamp for phones from last year. In Skype 7.0 for Android, the tablet UI has been changed from the ground up.

It’s now complete with a floating action button, and a multi-pane view when you’re using your tablet in landscape mode (as seen in the screenshot below).

New Look for Skype

You can also send messages and files and check your latest conversations even while you’re in a video or voice call. The new iteration of the app brings Skype’s improved universal search to Android tablets too, which makes finding people, chats, groups, and bots easy – straight from the main screen.

When you sign into Skype you see the list of your device’s address book contacts, and if some aren’t already using Skype it’s now easier than ever to spam them with invites.

Additionally, Skype 7.0 comes with some unnamed call quality and performance improvements.
The new version of the app is already available through the Google Play Store.


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