Android Experiments Challenge: Win a trip to attend Google I/O

Google is holding its annual conference this upcoming May and registration has already closed for this years event. If you are a fan of Google and love developing applications, you are in luck.


Google is holding a contest for developers to come up with really cool and interesting ways to incorporate any of Androids new or unique features into an application or project involving your app. Google gives some vague guidelines of what it would like to see:

Its a project that utilizes the unique capabilities of the Android platform in an innovative way. Here are a few suggestions:
· Creative uses of Android’s new or distinctive features
· Projects that explore how we interact with our devices, in small and big ways
· Unique visual aesthetics
· Open source projects that can inspire other developers
· Surprise us – we want to see the amazing things you’re cooking up.

“Entries are being accepted until April 13, so if you are a creative developer with a lot of free time in your hands, you should get on it! The winners will be flown to California to attend the developer’s event.

The winners will also exhibit their creations at Google I/O while 5 runner-ups will receive a 32GBNexus 6P.
Check out the Android Experiments website to take inspiration from other innovative projects and get started on your own.


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