Street Fame, a hip-hop duo from Blantyre consisting of rappers Toast and T-one, on Wednesday dropped a mini musical movie co-starring TV personality Judith Msonthi, singer Joyfresh and producer Excess.

Street Fame

The mini motion picture, titled “Y.O.U” is a romantic song about a guy who lost his girlfriend in an accident.Signed under Hi-Profile Music, an upcoming label owned by producer Kortys, Street Fame started early 2012 but came into spotlight after releasing a mixtape “Beyond Dreams”.

From the mixtape, a track called “Gold Chain” captured a lot of people’s attention in Malawi and few countries.They worked on “Gold Chain” video with Ron Cz and it became an instant hit. It was number one for two months on Zodiak TV and a month onTimes TV.

It also became the Most Voted Video on Times TV and the station pledged to get it on DStv. “Gold chain” also won Best Video and Song of the Year on Zodiak TV.Street Fame later on started a movement called “YODA”, which laterbranded into T-shirts which sold like hotcakes all over the nation.

“YODA” is a mixtape the duo is currently working on with rapper KeiM.The single “YODA” has a video toping IP charts as well.Street Fame is one of the young guys working hard to put Malawi on the map. Apart from being a rapper, T-one is also a music producer.


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