The Management of Domasi College of Education is pleased to release the names of non-residential students for the 2015/16 admission in the Three-year Diploma of Education Programme.It is important to note that the new policy does not allow primary school teachers to upgrade through a diploma in education (secondary) programme. Hence, all candidates selected witha status of ST (Serving Teacher) will have to get clearance from the Ministry before registering with the College. The names are as follows:


1 Kenneth Kondwani M DCE/SCI/217/15 SL Mangochi BIO/AGR2
Levison Iwen M DCE/SCI/225/15 SL Mangochi BIO/AGR3

Makoka Christina F DCE/SCI/269/15 SL Mangochi BIO/AGR4
Masamba Kondwani M DCE/SCI/196/15 SL Machinga BIO/AGR5
Kamkweche Charles M DCE/SCI/032/15 SL Mulanje BIO/AGR6

Banda Bethel EF F N/SCI/275 SL Nkhatabay BIO/PE7

Mashonga Christina F S/SCI/392/15 SL Chikwawa BIO/PE8

Kalumbu Elizabeth F C/SCI/313/15 SL Ntcheu BIO/PE9

Milulu Bernald M C/SCI/878/15 SL Dedza BIO/PE10

Nova Alex M S/SCI/550/15 SL Chikwawa BIO/PE11

Nyirenda Efnally F N/SCI/277/15 SL Nkhatabay BIO/PE12

Saidi Chifundo M DCE/SCI/349/15 SL Zomba BIO/PE13

Gama Fraser M S/SCI/153/15 SL Nsanje BIO/PE14

Kachulu Lameck M S/SCI/207/15 SL Thyolo BIO/PE15

Moffati Gideon.A. M C/SCI/010/15 SL Mangochi BIO/PE16

Matengere Alick M C/SCI/578/15 SL Karonga BIO/PE17

Thomas Mayamiko F C/SCI/888/15 SL Dedza BIO/PE18

Chisuse Macadams M C/SCI/474/15 ST Thyolo BIO/PE19

Ndoka P.Fletcher M C/SCI/475/15 SL Ntcheu BIO/PE20

Mguntha Tawonga M C/SCI/364/15 SL Lilongwe BIO/PE21

Kadam’manja Fred.C M C/SCI/325/15 SL Kasungu BIO/PE22

Moyo Victor M C/SCI/318/15 SL Dedza BIO/PE23

Malili Yotamu M C/SCI/274/15 SL Ntcheu BIO/PE24

Vester Ndaya F C/SCI/259/15 SL Ntcheu BIO/PE25

Bulaimu Mary P. F C/SCI/243/15 SL MangochiBIO/PE26

Maseko Chinsisi M C/SCI/201/15 SL Dedza BIO/PE27

Chikowi M.Clever M C/SCI/138/15 SL Dedza BIO/PE28

Phiri Funny .M F C/SCI/145/15 ST Thyolo BIO/PE29

Kaswada Kaleni M S/SC/12/15 ST Chikwawa BIO/PE30

Kathyola Henderson M DCE/SCI/027/15 SL Mulanje HEC/BIO31

Sapala Atamandike F C/SCI/783/15 SL Chiradzulu HEC/BIO32

Banda Chikondi M S/SCI/021/15 SL Ntcheu MAT/BIO33

Chirwa Stella F DCE/SCI/157/15 SL Nkhatabay MAT/BIO34

James Juma M DCE/SCI/102/15 SL Zomba MAT/BIO35

Jere Pachalo M C/SCI/841/15 SL Mzimba MAT/BIO36

Kapenuka Madalitso M DCE/SCI/263/15 SL Zomba MAT/BIO37

Kwenje Feston. F. M S/SCI/300/15 SL Chikwawa MAT/BIO38

Makumba Kennedy M DCE/SCI/400/15 SL Zomba MAT/BIO39

Masanza Chifundo M M DCE/SCI/080/15 SL Balaka MAT/BIO40

Matchado Prince M DCE/SCI/099/15 SL Zomba MAT/BIO41

Mina Derrick D M DCE/SCI/104/15 SL Chiradzulu MAT/BIO42

Mphande Kondwani M DCE/SCI/082/15 SL Nkhatabay MAT/BIO43

Talimile Chifuniro S M DCE/SCI/204/15 SL Ntcheu MAT/BIO44

Chimwendo Mercy F DCE/SCI/101/15 SL Mwanza MAT/HEC45

Edimos Billiat. H. M S/SCI/141/15 SL Thyolo MAT/HEC46

Kaputalambwe Thokozani M S/SCI/259/15 SL Lilongwe MAT/HEC47

Malivenji K.Lapwin M C/SCI/194/15 SL Rumphi MAT/HEC48
Mkonda Clement M N/SCI/210 SL Chitipa MAT/HEC49

Njolwa Joyce T. F C/SCI/273/15 SL Mzimba MAT/HEC50

Phiri Kanada M M DCE/SCI/090/15 SL Zomba MAT/HEC51

Phiri Emily F S/SCI/595/15 SL Balaka MAT/HEC52

Austine Sarah F C/SCI/456/15 SL Dedza MAT/PE53

Besteni Moses M S/SCI/032/15 SL Chikwawa MAT/PE54

Malata Alexious. F. M S/SCI/361/15 SL Chikwawa MAT/PE55

Yokonia Florence F C/SCI/038/15 SL LilongweMAT/PE56

Gubidi Ronald M S/SCI/166/15 SL Mulanje MAT/PE57

Pongolani Owen M S/SCI/597/15 SL Thyolo MAT/PE58

Nthala Timothy M C/SCI/021/15 SL Dowa MAT/PE59

Banda Chikhulupiriro M DCE/SCI/275/15 SL Dowa MAT/PHY60

Chasweka Jones M DCE/SCI/174/15 SL Balaka MAT/PHY61

Gondwe Lumbani M DCE/SCI/373/15 SL Rumphi MAT/PHY62
Katsatsa Chilungamo M S/SCI/262/15 SL Chikwawa MAT/PHY63

Madenga Ruth F S/SCI/336/15 SL Mangochi MAT/PHY64

Misomali Kennedy M DCE/SCI/226/15 SL Zomba MAT/PHY65

Sokasoka Lloyd.E. M S/SCI/626/15 SL Ntcheu MAT/PHY66

Moffat Chisomo M DCE/SCI/247/15 SL Mulanje MAT/PHY67

Moyokunyenga Samuel M DCE/SCI/262/15 SLChiradzulu MAT/PHY68

Mweta Andrew M DCE/SCI/246/15 SL Zomba MAT/PHY69

Mzuli Joseph M DCE/SCI/154/15 SL Balaka MAT/PHY70

Phiri Foster M C/SC/042/15 SL Lilongwe MAT/PHY71

Ziba Kelvin M N/SCI/141 SL Mulanje MAT/BIO72

Linje Ndaona M DCE/SCI/210/15 SL Mulanje MAT/BIO73

Kayoyo Justina F N/SCI/249 SL Dowa BIO/AGR74

Moya Innocent F DCE/SCI/317/15 SL Nsanje MAT/BIO


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