1 Mzama Nancy F C/HUM/327/15 SL Dedza ENG/FRE2

Shamu Lucy F DCE/HUM/048/15 SL Zomba ENG/FRE3

Njembe Blessings D M DCE/HUM/056/15 SL Ntcheu ENG/FRE4

Moyenda Mphatso James M DCE/HUM/078/15 SL Balaka ENG/FRE5

Assan Frank M DCE/HUM/146/15 SL Balaka ENG/FRE4

Gillimon Manuel. W. M S/HUM/061/15 SL Thyolo ENG/FRE5

Sabiti Aaron.J. M S/HUM/256/15 SL Nsanje ENG/FRE6

Thonje Susan. F S/SCI/655/15 ST Nsanje ENG/LAL7

Mshanga Martha F C/HUM/304/15 SL Mchinji ENG/LAL8

Misomali Naomi F DCE/HUM/086/15 SL Chiradzulu ENG/LAL7

Kamngoya Liness F DCE/HUM/116/15 SL Dowa ENG/LAL8

Salijen Mercy F DCE/HUM/126/15 SL Machinga ENG/LAL9

Kaupa Jean F DCE/HUM/133/15 SL Zomba ENG/LAL10

Genti Martha F S/HUM/060/15 SL Nsanje ENG/LAL11

Kabwinja Esther F S/HUM/087/15 SL LilongweENG/LAL10

Kulangu Mary F S/HUM/127/15 ST Phalombe ENG/LAL11

Munthali Grace F S/HUM/198/15 SL Nkhatabay ENG/LAL12

Maere Gertrude F S/HUM/143/15 SL MulanjeENG/LAL13

Kajombo Naomi F DCE/HUM/003/15 SL Chiradzulu ENG/LAL14

Bangira G.Grace F C/HUM/177/15 SL Mchinji ENG/LAL13

Mzumara Serah. J. F S/HUM/215/15 ST Nkhatabay ENG/LAL14

Chilima Tendai M F DCE/HUM/164/15 SL Ntchisi ENG/LAL15
Mthunzi Tionge F C/HUM/088/15 SL LilongweENG/LAL16

Ngwale Tiwonge F DCE/HUM/135/15 SL Zomba ENG/LAL17
Mwale Patience F DCE/HUM/141/15 ST Chitipa ENG/LAL16

Chadza Ester F DCE/HUM/132/15 SL LilongweENG/LAL17

Garnet Daniel M. M S/HUM/056/15 ST Chiradzulu ENG/LAL18

Dzimbiri Chimwemwe M C/HUM/052/15 SL Zomba ENG/LAL19
Beliyamu Lawrence M C/HUM/093/15 SL Ntchisi ENG/LAL20
Chatuwa Micalasi M C/HUM/202/15 SL Ntcheu ENG/LAL21

Mangeni Jimu M C/HUM/394/15 SL Dowa ENG/LAL22

Mvuluza Hamilton George M DCE/HUM/114/15 SL Dedza ENG/LAL23

Kavina Mavuto B M ERT/HUM/012/15 ST Lilongwe ENG/LAL24

Nkhoma Atanazio M C/HUM/143/15 SL Dowa ENG/LAL25

Chirwa Kaisi M C/HUM/215/15 SL NkhotakotaENG/LAL26

Kawoche Noel G. M C/HUM/147/15 SL Lilongwe ENG/LAL27

Chimalizeni Shadreck M C/HUM/244/15 SL Dowa ENG/LAL28

Balamu Lawrance M. M. M C/HUM/381/15 SLDowa ENG/LAL29

Chikuta Chimwemwe F C/HUM/360/15 SL Dedza GEO/SOS30
Chilenje Magret F S/HUM/036/15 SL Thyolo GEO/SOS31

Mhango Moses F C/HUM/029/15 ST Dowa GEO/SOS32

Kaminga Thandie F DCE/HUM/139/16 SL Chiradzulu GEO/SOS33

Chikuni Trintance F DCE/HUM/045/15 SL Mchinji GEO/SOS34

Kalulu Stella F DCE/HUM/161/15 ST Thyolo GEO/SOS35

Phiri Dickson M S/HUM/249/15 SL Mangochi GEO/SOS36

Kazembe Maxy Leo M DCE/HUM/196/15 ST Machinga GEO/SOS37

Chikwezga Lusubilo M N/HUM/081 SL Karonga GEO/SOS38

Soko Andrea M N/HUM/122/15 SL Mzimba GEO/SOS39

Jumpha Daniel M. M N/HUM/099/15 SL Dowa GEO/SOS40

Gondwe Given M C/HUM/277/15 SL Chitipa GEO/SOS41

Myonga Godfrey M C/HUM/376/15 SL Kasungu GEO/SOS42

Njobvu Mphatso James M C/HUM/223/15 SL Dedza GEO/SOS43
Kalambora Peter M N/HUM/090/15 SL Rumphi GEO/SOS44

Damison Posiyano M C/HUM391/15 ST Lilongwe GEO/SOS45

Makosana Richard M C/HUM/076/15 SL Thyolo GEO/SOS46
Nyandeni Rudo M C/HUM/067/15 ST Dowa GEO/SOS47

Matengo Stanley M DCE/HUM/212/15 SL Ntcheu GEO/SOS48

Nachama Victoria F S/HUM/216/15 SL Chiradzulu HIS/TRS49

Majamanda Thokozani F C/HUM/309/15 SL Ntchisi HIS/TRS50

Chironga Memory F DCE/HUM/136/15 SL Balaka HIS/TRS51

Chimaliro Fortunate F N/HUM/182/15 SL Mzimba HIS/TRS52

Chikhungwa Clara F C/HUM/176/15 SL ThyoloHIS/TRS53

Banda Mercy F C/HUM/231/15 SL Dowa HIS/TRS54

Mavwete Hastings M C/HUM/019/15 SL Nkhotakota HIS/TRS55

Mthunzi Lazarous M N/HUM/143/15 SL Nkhotakota HIS/TRS56

Nyasulu Timothy M DCE/HUM/152/15 SL Zomba HIS/TRS57

Msukwa Richard M C/HUM/412/15 SL Chitipa HIS/TRS58

Nyasulu Timothy M DCE/HUM/152/15 SL Zomba HIS/TRS59

Chibwana Dickson M C/HUM/061/15 SL Dedza HIS/TRS60

Mvula Victor L. M N/HUM/112/15 ST Chitipa HIS/TRS61

Kumwenda Chris M N/HUM/096/15 SL Karonga HIS/TRS62

Andrea Kondwerani M C/HUM/145/15 SL Lilongwe HIS/TRS63

Jere Pirirani M N/HUM/128/15 SL Mzimba HIS/TRS64

Longwe Peter S. M N/HUM/013/15 SL Nkhatabay HIS/TRS65

Kabango Pablo M C/HUM/400/15 SL Nkhotakota HIS/TRS66

Munthali Patrick M C/HUM/225/15 SL Rumphi HIS/TRS67

Banda Chikondi M S/HUM/010/15 SL Phalombe HIS/TRS68

Mbachundu Frank M C/SCI/1010/15 SL Dowa HIS/TRS


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