Shozie clears reported feud with Mafo

Malawian dance hall artist Shozie real name Ken Kalore has refuted speculations that his in not in good terms with fellow musician Mafo.

Shozie and Mafo who have had hits undertheir names together, came in the limelight with tracks like ‘Akazi ndi Mowa’ and ‘Akazi Amapha’, but the the two had stayed long time without releasing any song together which sparkled reports thatthe two have not been in talking terms.

However, Shozie who is fondly known as ‘Ghetto Master’ in an interview withMalawi24 denied the reports saying he can not hold grudges with Mafo because they are brothers.“Some few people had also ask me about the same stories. It is even not true that we split. Our friendship is motivated with love and confidence in each other.”

SHOZIE: We're working on a new track

“Of course we had took time without releasing any song but that is not the reason people should say that we part ways. people should need to know that me and Mafo we are stand alone artists. Its not a group. If we sing together it’s either the song is mine or Mafo.

Starting from today people should have to know that me and Mafo are Cousins. How comecan we hold grudges against each other?”,wondered Shozie.Meanwhile, Shozie has disclosed that he is together with Mafo working on a new project which will hit the airwaves next month.

” To show that we are still strong friends, right now we are recording a new song titled ‘Nsanje Yako’ which is recorded at daredevils and will be out by next week, ”he said.On his sole project, Shozie revealed that he is shooting a DVD titled Ooh No!.

He said he has already shoot tracks like Mayo mayo, Apongozi, Chikondi Chamisala just to mention a few.


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