Malawi-Mozambique Power Interconnection Project resurrects

Government says it has engaged a consultant to conduct another feasibility and environmental impact study on the Malawi-Mozambique Power Interconnection Project.According to Public Relations Officer for the Department of Energy in the Ministryof Natural Resources Energy and Mines Joseph Kalolekamo, the study, which will also determine the project course, is expected to be conducted for a year.


Power deals to help Malawians.

Kalolekamo says they expect the whole project to finish after four years.“This project is on-going. It is at an advanced stage and we are in the process of procuring consultancy services. Currently, negotiations are done with the prospective consultants,” said Kalolekamo.He further said Malawians will benefit a lot from the project because there will be extra power from Mozambique.

Kalolekamo also said the interconnection with Mozambique means Malawi will be connected to the Southern African Pool and in the near future Malawi will be able to sell power to other countries in Southern Africa.

This is also expected to give the Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (ESCOM) a chance to do maintenance work on its machines.


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