Kasambala, Malawi artists back Prophet Bushiri


Kasambara has been active on Facebook to defend Bushiri and postedan “original video” that was shown on a 24 hour television , Prophetic Channel to counter the recent video going viral .Bushiri has argued that the video critical of him has been tempered with.Kasambara has even further trumpted Bushiri’s forthcoming Mzuzu miracle crusade by disclosing that Bushiri will return home on his private jet.

He also posted a photo of Bushiri in South Sudan, with their vice president. He reportedly also met South Sudan president .Also posting on his Facebook page in defence of Bushiri, singer Namadingo narrates that he get upset when people talk ill against Man of God who is called ‘Major 1’ and claimed other countries are being favoured with a prophet .“When someone calls him a liar, it really upsets me for I have personally been made better by him. Malawi watch out!”

“When others promote negativity against a true man of God, other countries have been favoured by God although the same man we have in thepast called names and made fun of! Wakumva wamva” wrote Namadingo.

On his Facebook post, Katimba of the ‘Anaphi’ hit could not hide his feelings and dedication to prophet Bushiri.“I love you Major 1, just as Patience Namadingo has said, you remain my Papa, my Prophet, my pastor, my brother, my father and my source of inspiration no matter how the devil tries to attack you” reads part of Katimba’s posting.He added: “You have been through alot and for us who know you better, we know nothing can shake you”:Katimba further wondered why people rejoice when servants of God including Bushiri are being mocked and attacked.

But the postings have attracted severalcomments of which the majority are hostile both to the artists and Bushiri.Bushiri is facing opposition from some Christian circles, understandably so, because, some see him as a threat given his church is now one of Africa’s fastest growing ministries.

Onward Christian Radio reported that Bushiri is a man whose, teaching ability is “impeccable and his strategy dynamic.”“God has shown his hand at Prophet Bushiri’s church and miracles have been happening in ECG Church,” reported Onward Christian Radio

His church membership has grown to over 35,000 in Johannesburg, South Africa alone and thousands across Africa.The chanting “Major 1, do something, do something” is now a famous chorus chanted by the bumper crowds that come to see Bushiri minister.


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