K92bn forensic report not ready: Malawi AG says only ‘audit query’ analysis

A forensic audit report expected to
unravel the K92 billion (US$206.7
million) Cashgate which was reportedly
mismanaged during the first
Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is
not ready , Auditor General has said
confirming what President Peter
Mutharika told a news conference last

Mutharika told journalists that there is
an “audit query” involving the K92
The President, however, explained that
the said report to be released should
not be confused with issues revolving
the cashgate scandal.
“I understand that this was an audit
query so let’s not confuse this with
cashgate situation”, said Mutharika.

On Monday, a statement from National
Audit Office (NAO) signed by Auditor
General Stephenson Kamphasa, there is
no forensic audit report but the data
analysis results.
Kamphasa said the results of the data
analysis are only the first step towards
a full forensic investigation and does
not in any way mention anyone let
alone implicating them.

“The data analysis in not a forensic
audit, rather it is the first stage of such
audit which needs to be looked into
and will be followed by forensic
investigations.” Kamphasa said.
“ From the data analysis alone, it is not
possible to establish exact amounts or
causes of the discrepancies nor how
many of these funds were
misappropriated. Therefore, at this
stage, no loss of money has been
determined nor the names of those
behind it,” reads part of the statement
by the Auditor General seen by Nyasa

As a next step, the NAO, with support
from German government, intends to
conduct and finalise further
investigations into the causes,
individuals and companies involved
and the amount of money concerned
within a time frame of around 10
months. Source–Nyasa Times


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