Why Neymar received a four-match ban

The Barcelona attacker received a straight
red card versus Colombia and then lost his
cool, eventually resulting in a suspension
that rules him out of the tournament

Brazil captain Neymar
lost control and verbally
abused referee Enrique
Osses in the aftermath
of his side’s 1-0 Copa
America defeat versus
Colombia on Wednesday.

The Barcelona attacker was shown a
straight red card after an altercation with
Jeison Murillo and Carlos Bacca after the final
whistle and then waited for Osses in the
tunnel to voice his dismay with the decision.

Neymar insulted the referee more than once
as he lost his temper following his dismissal,
with Osses keeping his calm and putting up
an extra finger for each time the 23-year-old
verbally assaulted him.

The Chilean referee’s attitude angered
Neymar and he attempted to lash out at the
referee, only to be kept out of Osses’ reach
by Copa America officials. He allegedly called
out: “You are trying to become famous at
my expense, son of a b****!”

Brazil were initially hopeful Neymar would
escape a severe punishment following his
decision, yet Conmebol had no other option
but to lay down the law on the former
Santos star and ban him for four games
after Osses included the incident in his
match report.

Neymar’s suspension means he will be out
for the remainder of the tournament, even if
Brazil make it to the final.


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