JB’s homecoming in limbo as Lutepo pleads guilty to Cashgate cases

Chief suspect in the Cashgate trial Oswald
Lutepo has tightened the noose on former
President Joyce Banda who has turned into
a fugitive. Lutepo this morning has thrown
in the towel of trying to avoid the long arm
of the law by pleading guilty to all counts of
Cashgate he was being accused of.

In the case that is ongoing at the Zomba
high court as the tie of going to print,
Lutepo wasted less time of the court by
taking up responsibility of the cases he had
been running away from.
At the peak of the accusations, Lutepo had
gone in public to claim that he was guilty of
the charges that he was facing. He
however went far to indicate that he was
being sent by former President Joyce Banda
who is also the President of the party that
Lutepo was its executive member and he
donated over 20 cars to it called the
Peoples’ Party (PP).

The implication by Lutepo was vehemently
denied by Banda through her personal
assistant Andekuche Chanthunya. However
recent revelations have shown that the
former President is no longer
communicating with her personal assistant
and therefore his communications are void
with no basis.

Banda had earlier indicated that she would
be returning to Malawi last month but then
she renegaded and distanced herself from
the claims which had been made by her
personal assistant. -Malawi24


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