ACB to review info on Ben Phiri’s alleged massive wealth

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has
said it will review available information
to establish whether top presidential
aide Ben Phiri’s alleged massive wealth
warrants investigations.

In response to an e-mailed
questionnaire on whether the Bureau
had started investigating Phiri’s
alleged wealth, ACB Senior Public
Relations Officer Egrita Ndala said the
Bureau learnt about the Presidential
Special Assistant’s alleged wealth
through the media.

“The Bureau will review the available
information to see if there is merit to
warrant investigations. However, the
Bureau would like to ask you as well
as other members of the media and
the public, who may have information
on the matter, to provide the Bureau
with the information for it to take
appropriate action.

“The Bureau investigates allegations of
corruption based on information
provided by informants or the media
as long as that source provides
enough information related to
suspected corruption by public offers
or any other individuals in accordance
with section 10(1)(b),(c), (d) (e), (g)
and (h) of the Corrupt Practices Act,”
she said.

Phiri shocked the nation a fortnight
ago when he announced that he had
resigned from his position at State
He, among other things, stated that he
wanted to pave the way for
investigations into his alleged massive
wealth accumulated within the one
year Mutharika has been in office.

However, just a day after his
resignation, President Mutharika,
through State House Press Secretary
Gerald Viola, disputed Phiri’s
purported resignation, stating he was
still Mutharika’s special aide.


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