Some of the key promises highlighted in the
DPP Manifesto (I tell you, this manifesto is
worth reading):

1. The DPP govt shall construct the state of
the art judicial complex in Lilongwe.

2. We aim to double exports in the next five

3. We will re-establish food security for all

4. Add value to our exports by transforming
our cotton, tea, coffee, groundnuts,fish ,
hides and skins into finished products.

5. The DPP government commits to sustain
fertilizer subsidy for the poor in Malawi.

6. The DPP government will pursue Zero
Tolerance on Corruption, Bribery, Fraud and
Theft of government resources.

7. We will introduce Health Insurance for all
public servants.

8. We will prioritize Education and aim to
eliminate illiteracy by 2019.

9. No child should have to walk more than
five kilometers to attend school.

10. The DPP government will provide “Total
Security” to both persons and businesses in

11. We will pass and implement a number of
laws including: a Law on Handouts, and a
Law that will prevent sitting Members of
Parliament from benefiting from increasing
their own salaries and benefits.

12. The DPP government will reduce
concentration of power in the presidency.

13. Appointment and removal of the
Governor of the RBM, Director of the ACB, the
Audit General, the Director of Public
Prosecutions, Clerk of Parliament, Malawi
Human Rights Commission Executive
Secretary, the Malawi Law Commissioner, the
Director General of the MBC, MACRA Director
General, and the leaders of other
accountability institutions shall be appointed

14. We will pass and implement the Access
to Information bill.

15. The DPP government will pass and
implement the recommendations from the
constitutional reviews, including facilitating
implementation of the revised Section 65
(Crossing the Floor automatically) and bring
back the revised Section 64 (recall provision
with proper safeguards to present abuse) of
our constitution.

16. The Green Belt Initiative we initiated in
the previous term will stretch from Karonga
all the way to Nsanje.

17. We shall revive the Nsanje World Inland
Port Project which will cut Transportation
costs by 60%.

18. Upgrade and maintain Kamuzu and
Chileka International airports, and develop
international airports in Mangochi, Nsanje,
Mzuzu and Karonga.

19. A special Child and Youth Rehabilitation
Fund will be developed to enable the
children and youth from impoverished
families have access to vocational training
so as to equip them to become self-reliant.

20. The Teaching profession will be
upgraded and make it an attractive service
in Malawi.


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