Time to Shut up:
Republican Senators who
wrote an open letter to
Iran’s leadership aren’t
stupid. They’re not
traitors either. By
undermining their
President in order to
torpedo any deal with
Iran, they are acting more
like Israeli Lukidniks than
American senators. By
warning Tehran that any
deal would be temporary
without their consent,
they proved to be not
only irresponsible
towards their own
constitution, but also
reckless regarding nuclear
Iranian Foreign minister
Zarif is right to ridicule
them; by making it clear
that America is not the
But since we all know
America isn’t the world,
why is that important at
all to clarify?
Well, simply put, if the
international community
represented in the P5+1
agrees to a deal but the
United States walks away
from it, it’s the US that
will be isolated in the
world, not Iran.
Moreover, Washington
won’t be able to impose
any real sanctions against
Iran, because such
sanctions would
ultimately by unilateral
and ineffective.
It would be wise of these
US senators to stop acting
like they run the world;
they don’t. They don’t
even run US foreign
There is time to speak and
time to shut up.


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