Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) opens without Chancellor

Despite having opened its doors
and being officially opened, the
Malawi University of Science and
Technology (MUST) is running
without a Chancellor Malawi24
has established.
MUST, built in Ndata farm in
Thyolo district which is a fourth
public university in the country
opened its doors with an intake
of less than 2oo students in April
due uncompleted facilitates at
the university.
President Peter Mutharika today
officially opened the university, a
dream touted to his late brother
and former president Bingu wa
Opened: MUST
However, the university has no
Earlier this year initial reports
indicated that the current
Minister of Education, Emmanuel
Fabiano was
the university was opened to
offer degrees in health and
medical science, applied
engineering and technology,
Earth and climate change science.
in his remarks during its opening
MUST project coordinator
Tarsizio Nampota reviewed that
the university was opened
without some facilitates like
laboratories and students do
travel from Thyolo to Blantyre to
access laboratory facility at the
But in reaction to the
development the Catholic
Education Commission of Malawi
(CECOM) called on government to
consider having the post filed
citing that the vacancy may make
other vital issue at the institution
not be properly handled.
In an interview with Malawi24,
CECOM`s National Educational
Policy Officer Steven Ndhlovu
said that it is their hope that the
post will be filed in due
considering the fact that the
semester had already started and
that if not filed the future of he
institution may get
‘ Well, we are
aware that the
post is not filed
yet. We just
want to make
emphasis that
having such
posts filled, our
standards may
be upheld as
there will be
someone in
looking at
issues at such
a school.
Therefore we
extend a call to the University
Council of Malawi as well as the
government to consider having a
Chancellor“ said Ndhlovu.
MUST was one of the
infrastructural developments that
ed to the touting of Bingu wa
Mutharika over his unceasing
stance to have more universities
and colleges built to have quality
tertiary education in the country.
The MUST Bill was passed in
2010 after the Chinese
government agreed to lend
funds to build a new university,
on condition of repayment over
20 years. Malawi borrowed US
$70 million from the Export-
Import Bank of China to build the
new institution.
In 2011 late president Bingu wa
Mutharika moved the planned
university from the capital
Lilongwe to his own farm, Ndata
Estate, which is in Thyolo in the
south of the country. It was part
of Mutharika’s ambitious
initiative to open five new
institutions of higher learning in
10 years.
The five proposed institutions
would include the University of
Bangula, devoted to cotton
research and water resources
management, to be constructed
in the south. The University of
Marine Biology would be built in
the western district of Mangochi
and would focus on aquaculture


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