JB once said: ‘It is only Mphwiyo who can tell us the truth’

The arrest of former
budget director Paul
Mphwiyo seems to have
excited Malawians who are
looking forward to how the
government of APM will
solve the Cashgate mystery.
Mphwiyo, everybody
knows, is the main actor in
the Cashgate film. To quote
former president JB, “it is
only Mphwiyo who can tell
us the truth.” Yes, that’s
what JB once said.
Mphwiyo, one of the
famous names in Malawi
now, was seen as the saint
of the scandal, especially
after he was shot outside
his home on that fateful
September 13, 2013 night.
JB praised him as a graft
buster, who was on the
verge of revealing a
corruption ring in the
government. He was to be
the main chief witness.
But things have turned
around and Mphwiyo is on
the receiving end. We leave
it to the courts to sort out
the whole mess and decide
who is really fooling who
and who has to go to jail.
They say a person is
innocent until proven guilty.
But with a few characters
thrown into the Cashgate
saga—including former
justice minister Ralph
Kasambara, former PP
official Hophmally Makande,
former deputy police chief
Nelson Bhopani, new assets
director Tukula and lawyer
Michael Chioko- Malawians
are assured of continued
comedy that may as well
come straight out of a John
Grisham novel.
But wait a minute. This is
now what I foresee: The
Cashgate scandal will be
APM’s political yardstick. His
political career may as well
hang on how his admin
effectively and decisively
deals with Cashgate.
Donors and Malawians are
angry. They are demanding
answers. Simple answers
on how some Malawians
could lose their moral
campus and mercilessly
plunder government
I welcome the initiative by
the Germans to provide us
with billions of kwachas for
a forensic audit of
government ministries and
departments from 2009.
Yes, from 2009 when
former president Bingu wa
Mutharika, a brother to
APM, was in power. B wa M
suddenly died in 2012.
For the sake of records,
after his death, JB, who was
then vice president
although in bad books with
B wa M, became president
until May this year en he
lost to APM.
So, this means, APM will
have to take a bold decision
to allow a truthful audit of
the 2009 to 2013 period.
Even though his brother
could be found in the
wrong, APM will have to
take that bold decision to
try his brother post-
If this is done, APM will be
the people’s man and will
be assured of a second
victory in 2019, if the
political landscape will not
If APM does not do what
Malawians expect him to
do, he can as well start
APM can open four
universities before 2019;
he can open the Mombera
University in Mzimba to
please Northerners who
are adamant about
introducing a federal
system of government, or
worse still, secession of the
APM can splash money to
anybody he wants; APM can
give free fertiliser to all
Malawians; APM can built
roads paved with terrazzo
all over Malawi; APM can do
everything to please his
fellow Lomwe’s; APM can
bring back donors to
bankroll the budget and
APM can trim his cabinet to
ten people.
APM can do all the political
magic, but if he can’t sort
out Cashgate, he will be a
political lame-duck.
You have been warned,
APM. Like Big Brother,
Malawians are watching
24/7 and 365.
APM, remember what JB
said: “It is only Mphwiyo
who can tell us the truth.”


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