Malawi Govt Asks Cashgate Suspects To Surrender Themselves

Government has asked all
people involved in the
infamous cashgate to come
out and surrender themselves
to the Anti Corruption Bureau
or the court or police because
government is closing in on
Government spokesperson
Kondwani Nankhumwa gave
the warning on Wednesday in
statement and further called
Malawians outside the country
who are keeping those on the
run to surrender them in
compliance with the
International Law so that they
face justice here at home.
Already, Hophmally Makande,
who spokesperson for the
Peoples Party led by former
president Joyce Banda handed
himself over to police on
“It is in the same vein that
Government calls on all
Malawians who know that they
were in one way or another
involved in the plundering of
the country’s coffers to
surrender themselves to police
than being on a fruitless run.
This call is also extended to
Malawians who were equally
involved but are for some
reasons outside the country to
quickly come back home to
face justice.
“The Malawi Government is
also asking those keeping
Malawians who were involved
in the cashgate and have
sought refuge in their homes
outside the country, to comply
with the International Law
standards by releasing them so
that they are able to face
justice back home,” said
Nankhumwa in the statement.
Nankhumwa who is also
Minister of Information,
Tourism and Culture said
government would not
interfere with the prosecution
of the cashgate cases.
He also said the ongoing
arrests in the cashgate are not
political witch hunt by the
“Government also assures the
people that the arrests that are
currently being effected by law
enforcing agencies have
nothing to do with political
witch hunting but rather a
pursuit of justice for the
infamous cashgate and other
related money laundering
offences,” he said.
He asked the courts to act with
speed in handling the cashgate
cases because Malawians are
eager to know the truth about
the plundering of their
He said government was in the
process of sealing all loopholes
in the Integrated Financial
Management Systems (IFMIS) to
avoid a repeat of cashgate in
the country.
Some of the arrested people
are former budget director
Paul Mphwiyo and his wife
Thandi, Assets director
Christopher Tukula, lawyer
Ishmael Chioko, Ausward
Lutepo, Pika Manondo, former
Minister of Justice and Attorney
General Ralph Kasambara.
Former Principal Secretary
Tressa Senzani has been
sentenced to three years.


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