Mutharika betrayed us while serving as education minister: Neno residents

Residents of Chifunga area
in Neno district have no
kind words for President
Peter Mutharika as they feel
betrayed by the leader for
allowing the electricity
project at Chifunga
Community Day Secondary
School to hit a snag when
he was serving as minister
of education.
Maravi Post has established
that during the reign of late
Bingu Wa Mutharika,
Chifunga CDSS was allocated
money for electricity but
the DPP-led government
through dubious
contractors squandered the
According to residents who
spoke to this reporter said
Habiba Mahomedi, who
was awarded a contract to
do the job cheated the
people in the area by giving
the school authorities a
fake Electricity Supply
Corporation of Malawi
(ESCOM) receipt which
showed that the money
was paid to electrify the
The people believe that
Mahomedi connived with
some ESCOM officials to
produce the fake receipt.
“It’s a really sad to see that
the students are failing to
usecomputers which are
readily available at the
school because some
selfish individuals put the
money of the electricity
project in their pockets.
And the most painful thing
is that this happened while
the president (Mutharika)
was serving as minister of
education and this forces
us to conclude that the
truth will not come out
since the beneficiaries of
the swindled money were
likely to be DPP officials,”
said one of the residents
who identified himself as
Mr. Nkhoma, who is also in
the Parent Teachers
Association committee at
the school.
One of the teachers at the
school, speaking on
condition of anonymity,
said the school authorities
have been pushing the
issue but to no avail.
“It’s a complicated and
political issue. The school
authorities have tried to
seek justice but nothing
tangible is coming out. All
what they are getting from
the government are false
“In fact what happened is
that the contractor finished
everything in terms of
wiring and what remained
was the transformer which
was supposed to be fixed
by ESCOM upon giving them
the required money. The
transformer was supposed
to cost almost K8 million.
The contractor brought a
receipt to the school
authority that the bill for
transformer was paid but
only to realize later that the
receipt was fake.
“From there we sent the
issue to the relevant
authorities but up to now
there is nothing tangible
we have received from the
top. Now, with the DPP in
government, we doubt if
the truth will come out
because the scandal
happened under their
watch, and the president by
then was the minister of
information,” he said.
Efforts to talk to the head
master of the school
proved futile as his number
was out of reach.
This is not the only issue
which Mutharika failed to
unravel while serving as
education minister as he
also failed to resolve the
academic freedom saga
which saw students of the
University of Malawi,
especially Chancellor
College, spending close to a
year at home.


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