Struggle for leadership as Malopa mudslings Ben Phiri at Statehouse

A looming feud is reportedly
manifesting at the State house
where by Bright Malopa Senior
Advisor to the President on
Strategy and Communication, is
backbiting President Peter
Mutharika’s Personal Assistant
(PA), Ben Phiri over what is
apparently seen as ‘struggle for
power’ at the palace.
Reports indicate that the rivalry
came close to a fight.
At the helm of the feud:
It is said that, Malopa who served
as Malawi Broadcasting
Corporation (MBC) Director, told
Mutharika of the unbecoming
behavior of Phiri, describing it as
emanating from arrogance and
According to a Nyasatimes
published report, Malopa
seemingly tainted the career of
Phiri, who has been one close ally
to Mutharika way back before
the May 20 polls by telling the
president that, he (Phiri) had the
arrogance overflow to the extent
of refusing to take advice from
anyone, including the Chief of
Staff (Peter Mukhito) on crucial
State House matters.
“In Malopa’s communication to
the Head of State, it was revealed
that Ben Phiri bosses over all
cabinet ministers and elected
members of the DPP National
Governing Council (NGC).” reads
the report.
Further investigation on the
matter by this reporter led to
revelations that Mutharika had
summoned his aide whereby he
was strongly warned of the ‘said’
behavior, signaling a convinced
stance the president had from
It is further sourced by Malawi24
that Malopa also accused Phiri of
‘unceasing’ extortion.
” Malopa also added that Phiri
extorted Millions of Kwachas
from business tycoons from
Asian, South Africa, Rwanda and
other traders who are making it
big in what Malopa believes was
a way of bribing them for
awarding of contracts.”
“Phiri was so furious with the
development and wanted to
pounce on Malopa following a
sustained verbal war” said the
It is said Phiri, feels Malopa wants
to destroy his career and the only
way to go was to dent his
reputation to the president.
The two are yet to comment on
the matter but our confidant
sources within the Statehouse
indicate that, other aides want to
oust Malopa over the said
However, it is not known
whether Mutharika may consider
investigating the contests of the
letter from Malopa which have
signaled to the general public of
his struggle for leadership.


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