Cashgate big fishes on high alert as ACB arrest former PP politician Hophmally Makande

The graft busting body, the
Malawi Anti Corruption
Bureau (ACB) has arrested
former ruling People’s party
(PP) politician Hophmally
Makande and has charged
him of conspiracy to
defraud government.
Makande handed over
himself to ACB in Malawi’s
administrative capital
Lilongwe on Tuesday.
“He has been arrested on
suspected charge of
conspiring to defraud
government contrary to
section 35 of the corrupt
practices Act. The charge is
in relation to the ongoing
investigation into
Cashgate,” reads part of the
statement signed by Ndala.
Media reports indicate that
ACB is almost ready to
arrest Peoples Party Vice
President for the southern
region Brown Mpinganjira
and Former deputy of
Police Nelson Bophani on
charges related to
“cashgate” scandal.
The arrest will border on
charges of conspiracy to
defeat the course of justice,
money laundering and
Former Malawi Budget
Director Paul Mphwiyo,
whose shooting on 13
September 2013 led to the
unravelling of the
systematic looting of
millions of government
money dubbed ‘cashgate’,
is on record telling the
court in his attempted
murder case that
Mpinganjira warned him
that former Justice Minister
and Attorney Ralph
Kasambara – who was
arrested in connection with
the shooting, and Makande,
had given him “ten days to
live” unless he honoured
certain government
Malawi Justice Minister
Samuel Tembenu is also on
record to have assured the
nation that more arrests
are coming up and will
involve high profile
personalities suspected to
have played a role in the
plundering of public coffers
at Capital Hill popularly
referred to as cash-gate.
He said Cashgate was a
“systematic intricate
cobweb that was
sanctioned by people in the
Tembenu said: “The
evidence that we have
uncovered is clear that the
fraud was properly and
meticulously planned,
carefully coordinated and
skilfully executed.”
According to a report by
London based Malawian
Lawyer Z Allan Ntata, he
submitted that cashgate
scandal was sanctioned by
former President Joyce
Banda to loot government
of its resources as part of
fundraising for the 2014
campaign among other
reasons. Ntata’s report is
now is being vindicated as
the current government is
also talking the same
language as contained in
the report and started
arresting the ‘untouchables’
during the former regime
and Malawians will not be
surprised if the suspected
‘mother cashgate,’ ex leader
Joyce Banda, will eventually
be arrested.


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