Breaking : Oscar Pistorius sentenced to Five Years in prison

From a globally lauded
athlete to convicted killer,
Oscar Pistorius’ fall from
grace culminated Tuesday
with a five-year sentence in
the shooting death of his
The sentence was imposed
for the charge of culpable
homicide, which in South
Africa means a person was
killed unintentionally, but
He was also given a three-
year sentence on a firearms
charge, but it was
suspended for five years on
condition he is not found
guilty of another crime
where there is negligence
involving a firearm during
that period.
That count related to an
occasion when Pistorius
discharged a loaded
handgun under a table in a
busy restaurant. No one
was hurt.
During his trial, the double-
amputee sprinter often
sobbed at the mention of
his girlfriend Reeva
Steenkamp’s name. He
insisted that he mistook
her for an intruder when
he shot her through a toilet
door on Valentine’s Day
But there was very little
visible reaction from
Pistorius as the sentence
was read.
Pistorius’ defense has
called for a sentence of
house arrest and
community service.


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