Malawian housemates safe as five face eviction at BBH

Malawian reps in the Big
brother Hotshots were safe
and do not face eviction this
Sunday after their
extravaganza music team won
a competition which made
them immune from eviction, as
five face eviction.
The five are saxophonist
Laveda from Tanzania,
Nhalanhla from South Africa,
Permithias from Namibia , JJ
from Zimbabwe and Alusa
from Kenya.
They were nominated by fellow
housemates on Sunday, shortly
after the eviction show that
saw three female reps being
booted out—Lilian from Naija,
Sabina from Kenya and Esther
from Uganda.
A total of five housemates have
so far been evicted so far since
the continents’ only reality
show since got under away on
October 5 in South Africa.
Surprisingly, all the evicted
housemates are all females..
Last week, Resa from Zambia
and Mira from Mozambique
were the first contestants to be
On Sunday, Lilian, know for her
seductive dancing tactics, said
she was “shocked” to be
booted out, while Esther from
Uganda also she was also
shocked but said what she
could do.
Kenya’s Sabina said: “I regret I
have to leave now.”
There are now 21 housemates
remaining, including the two
Malawians. One of them stands
a chance of winning $300,000.
The reality show has no
winning formula, but viewers
from Malawi think their reps
will need to up their game if
they want to be counted and
stand the chance of walking
home with the coveted
“Our guys are too quiet for Big
Brother…hardly are they seen
talking and doing something
positive,” a Chinyonga
township watcher, Rudo, told
She added: Mr 265 is hardly
there, I have yet to see his
impact that explains why
among the housemates
nobody nominated him for


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