Jessie Kabwira: MCP councilors sidelined by DPP led govt

The outspoken Malawi
Congress Party (MCP)
publicity secretary Jessie
Kabwira has lashed at the
ruling Democratic
Progressive Party (DPP)
accusing it sidelining its
councilors. Kabwira was
speaking in a news
conference in Lilongwe on
“It so sad that since the
elections, only DPP and
United Democratic Front
(UDF) councillors are the
one being invited to
developmental meetings at
district and city councils.
“The tendency of
politicizing developments
has been a stumbling block
to the country’s economic
growth and we believe it’s
high time we put politics
aside and move forward.
“This country is for all of us
regardless of where we
come from and our political
affiliations. The leadership
should not be on the
forefront bringing in
divisions,” she said.
The MCP spokesperson has
been a fierce critic of
Mutharika administration
making social
commentators to wonder if
indeed her messages
represent the general view
of the party. She is on
record to have told the
Mutharika administration
that it is not only uncaring
but also an ‘incompetent’
government which seems
not ready to govern.


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