Pope Francis Defeated on Gays: is God not Homophobic After All?

Pope Francis is probably
not really amused, after a
proposal for wider
acceptance of homosexuals
in the Catholic Church failed
to secure the synodical
majority vote of two-thirds,
on Saturday, October 18
2014. The issue of gays has
stolen the spotlight at
Vatican since Pope Francis
took over from Benedict XV
who officially resigned on
February 28, 2013. For
instance, inJuly 2013 Pope
Francis made headlines
across the globe while on
his way back from Brazil on
his first foreign trip when
he said, “If someone is gay
and he searches for the
Lord and has good will,
who am I to judge?” The
Pope was responding to a
question on gay priests.
Surprisingly, these liberal
and ‘tolerant’ views
towards same sex practices
are becoming popular even
among members of the
clergy of various Christian
denominations and
congregations across
After Nigeria passed the
Anti gay marriage bill in
January 2014, the
renowned Nigerian
Prophet TB Joshua,
responded to the issue of
gays by citing from the
Gospel according to
Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, so
that you will not be
judged.”- The same words
the Pope uttered. And while
responding to President
Yoweri Museveni’s signing
of a bill in February 2014,
which when passed would
further criminalize
homosexuality with a life
sentence in Uganda, the
fiercely vocal gay rights
campaigner, South African
Archbishop, Desmond Tutu,
argued that “there is no
scientific basis or genetic
rationale for love. There is
only the grace of God.
There is no scientific
justification for prejudice
and discrimination, ever.”
Tutu also claimed that he
would not worship a God
who is homophobic, and
that he would refuse to go
to a homophobic heaven,
and prefer to go to the
opposite-hell. Tutu is also
quoted to have claimed
that, it is God who compels
him to fight for gay rights.
But what concerns me the
most, is that, are these
highly trusted men of God,
leading us into the right
direction, with regards to
the authority of the Bible
on homosexuality? Does
each one of us need to
personally consult the
scripture on same sex, or
simply take the counsels of
the men of God; and refrain
from ‘judging?’- And when
the Bible says do not judge,
does it mean we must not
call sin by its right name?
While addressing the
Church at Corinth, the great
city of commerce and
debauchery, in the mid-first
century, in 1Corinthians
6:9-10 (NIV) Apostle Paul
confronts the Corinthians
with a rhetorical question;
“Do you not know that the
wicked will not inherit the
kingdom of God?” And then
he admonishes, “Do not be
deceived: Neither the
sexually immoral nor
idolaters nor adulterers nor
male prostitutes nor
homosexual offenders nor
thieves nor the greedy nor
drunkards nor slanderers
nor swindlers will inherit
the kingdom of God.”
Paul warns believers that
no one must deceive them;
homosexuals will not
inherit the kingdom of God.
Paul puts homosexuality
among sins like theft,
drunkenness, and adultery.
Now, if we tell an adulterer
that he or she is an
adulterer, then are we
judging them? If we tell
them, that they are sinners,
then are we judging them?
or we are simply telling
them what they really are
according to Biblical
definition of their


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