Malawians smell fishy, Mutharika’s move to sideline Chilima & delegate Muluzi to Zambia

Malawi President Peter
Mutharika has delegated
former president Bakili
Muluzi to represent him at
Zambia’s 50th
Independence Anniversary
Celebrations in Lusaka next
According to Nation on
Sunday, a letter from the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and External Cooperation
addressed to BCA Hill
Residence chief of staff
says it has pleased the
President to delegate the
ex-leader to the event to be
held on Friday, October 24.
In an interview, Muluzi
expressed happiness for
the gesture, saying he had
accepted to travel to Lusaka
to represent the President.
The ex leader commended
Mutharika for
demonstrating a spirit of
reaching out to the other
sectors of society on
political, governance and
economic issues of our
However, some Malawians
have questioned the motive
behind President
Mutharika’s gesture to
delegate the former leader
to such an important
function when the state
Vice President Saulos
Chilima is just sitting in
office waiting to be
delegated by the same
“Is this gesture trying to
confirm what we are
hearing that there is bad
blood between Mutharika
and his Vice President
Chilima,” asked one
commentator on condition
of anonymity before
another one concurred
with him saying, “Where is
the State Vice President
Saulos Chilima? Is it part of
UDF-DPP Pact to sideline
Chilima? Muluzi has a
corruption case. He should
not be sent on government
On a different note, another
commentator said: “This is
a huge Diplomatic gaffe.
While it may seem correct
on the domestic political
scene I do not think it’s
something that Lusaka will
highly cherish. Bear in mind
that Sata and the
Mutharikas are miles apart
all because of Sata’s
deportation when he came
to visit Muluzi. So what
message is Lusaka getting
from this? The President
has lost an opportunity to
improve relations with this
good neighbor of ours. His
own attendance or that of
Chilima would have been
much better.”
Muluzi, who was recently
appointed Malawi’s Special
Commonwealth envoy to
Swaziland, met President
Mutharika at Sanjika Palace
in Blantyre where the
former head of state
briefed the incumbent on
the progress of mediation
talks on the democratic
process taking place in


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