Raphael Kasambara elated by the misfortunes of one Paul Mphwiyo

On his heavily followed
facebook page Raphael
Kasambara writes the
“Good Deeds Trust……was
first heard of in the
Mphwiyo Shooting Case;
and now following that
lead Mphwiyo and his wife
have been arrested by ACB .
Thanks to the good deeds
of the justice system that
allows cross examination.
Hope ACB is still
remembering about Lutepo
and Mphwiyo sharing
money at Ufulu Gardens;
and also Mphwiyo and Pika
Manondo travelling to
Johannesburg in
September 2013.
Lets now look forward to
the next court hearing in
which Mphwiyo will
continue to be cross
examined by yours truly..”
Earlier in august faltering
from Kasambara’s
questioning, Paul Mphwiyo
stated that he was not able
to recognize the actual
shooter but at his house he
told the court that he
recognized the one who
pulled the trigger.
It would appear from the
posting that famed lawyer
Raphael Kasambara is
taking credit for some of
Paul Mphwiyo’s


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