Malawi’s former Budget director Paul Mphwiyo arrested on Cashgate accusations

Former budget director
Paul Mphwiyo the man
responsible for unleashing
the famed ‘Cashgate Saga’
has been arrested by the
Anti Corruption Bureau
Police sources revelead
Mphwiyo was being kept at
Lilongwe police station.
A statement from the Anti
Corruption Bureau
indicates he has been
arrested alongside his wife
“Mr Mphwiyo has been
arrested for suspected
charges of theft, money
laundering and defeating
the course of justice,”
indicates ACB Publicist
Egrita Ndala.
Egrita Ndala confirmed to
Maravipost that this is in
relation to the ongoing
investigation into cashgate.
The two “would be taken
to court after the bureau
has recorded statements
from them.
Mphwiyo has been under
ACB investigations over his
alleged role in the infamous
cash-gate scam.
Paul Mphwiyo’s shooting in
September last year was
followed by revelations of
massive plunder of
government resources.
Mphwiyo has also been a
witness in court to his
shooting accusing famed
lawyer Ralphael Kasambara
to being present when he
was being shot.
Ralphael Kasambara has
vemantly denied these
accusations and claims
Mphwiyo is covering up for
someone else.
Mphwiyo’s arrest comes
barely hours after
maravipost reported the
arrest of the newly
appointed Director of the
Public Officers’ Assets
Declaration- lawyer
Christopher Tukula


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