Pop Dogg, Mlaka Maliro, Marco Sadik shine in Ireland

Straight after performing at
the Miss Malawi Event In
Birmingham and Q Bar in
Manchester alongside Mlaka
Maliro, multi award
winning Irish/Malawian hip
hop artist Pop Dogg, R&B
soul star Marco Sadik and
Mlaka Maliro extended their
thrill to fans in Dublin when
they performed at the
Teacher’s Club last Friday.
Speaking to Malawii News
Agency (Mana), the
Malawian born artists said
the show was an eye
opener and would help put
Malawi on the map, saying
it was a successful tour as
the crowd that stormed the
club was astonished with
their energetic
Maliro, who had an
outstanding performance
after dishing out his hits
from way back to the
present, felt honoured to
perform in Dublin.
“It was a great honor to
perform in the UK and also
Dublin in Ireland for the
first time and most
importantly working
alongside talented artists
Pop Dogg and Marco Sadik.
“The show was also Marco
Sadik’s first gig in Dublin
and the patrons were very
moved with his
performance,” said Maliro
after the performance.
His counterpart, Marco
Sadik, said the show was
one of a kind as the
response received from the
audience was
overwhelming as it was the
first time for him to
perform in Dublin.
“I’m definitely looking
forward to coming back
there. I hereby ask my
fellow Malawians to keep
supporting us. In that way,
we’re going to put
Malawian music and artists
on the map,” said Marco
As usual, Pop Dogg real
name Ibrahim Haji
delivered an amazing
performance and shut
down the show by
performing How We Do, Am
A Champ and had fans
singing along to his
smashing hit IPhone, taken
from his forthcoming
album ‘Enter The Ninja’.
“It is a dream come true to
be able and being accorded
an opportunity to be doing
international shows on
regular basis unlike other
artists back home.
“This is also an opportunity
to expose Malawi music
which eventually will lead to
people here be interested
to see a variety of artists
from Malawi,” he said.
He added: “Working with
the likes of Marco Sadik and
Mlaka Maliro was a huge
success andwe are
brothers now rather than
just being fellow artists.”


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