45% pay hike for Malawi’s 170,000 civil servants

Malawi’s 170,000 civil
servants will start smiling a
bit going to the bank—they
have a 45 percent average
salary hike effective
October 1, which will push
the annual wage bill to
K170 billion.
According to the director of
Human Resource
Management Hilary
Chimota’s circular of
October 14, the
government had
approved the “revision of
salaries for employees in
the civil service with effect
from 1st October 2014.”
The circular was addressed
to principal secretaries.
The hike comes hot on the
heels of aid suspension
worth $150 million by
donors since last year. The
aid to the budget helps to
pay salaries for the civil
Malawi has this year
introduced a zero-aid
budget, which has a deficit
of K107 billion.
The increment also comes
after trade unions in the
civil service were
championing for the
increase, after the
government initially pegged
the hike at 24 percent,
which was rejected.
This means that on
average, the lowest ranked
civil servant will now
receive K40,000 per month.
Teachers and cops are
mostly in this grade.
Grade 1 civil servants will
now get K200,000 per
month. The new salary
structure for top civil
servants such as directors
and principal secretaries is
not known.
Former Malawian President
Joyce Banda last year said
her cash-strapped
government would ensure
striking civil servants will
receive a salary hike.
But that dream failed after
Banda lost the May
elections to Peter
JB at the time said she was
the “first person to be
concerned with civil
servants welfare as they are
indeed getting little
compared to high cost of
leaving currently being
Elia Kamphinda Banda,
president of the Civil Service
Trade Union, has often
been pushing for a hike,
saying Malawi’s civil
servants “are lowly and
poorly paid…We are
demanding a review of the
salary structure.”


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