Breaking Now: Lazarus Chakwera is a no show at Peter Mutharika’s Olive branch luncheon

Former Malawi President
and People’s Party (PP)
founder Joyce Banda and
Malawi Congress Party
(MCP) President Lazarus
Chakwera, have snubbed
President Peter Mutharika’s
olive branch’ he extended
to them by ignoring a
luncheon he hosted for all
2014 Presidential
Mutharika, who deposed
Banda and her PP, on
Thursday hosted the 2014
presidential candidates
who contested in the May
20 elections to a luncheon
at Sanjika Palace, but three
candidates did not turn up
for the event.
These are PP’s Banda, MCP’s
Chakwera and National
Salvation Front party
president James Nyondo.
Mutharika was scheduled
to make a statement and
answer some questions
from the press before
posing for a group photo
with the eight presidential
Lazarus Chakwera and his
party while the elections
were in dispute tried a
stealth campaign which
was reported by the
Maravipost to influence
media coverage claiming
they had won the elections.
They inflated their number
of sits in parliament and
went as far as saying they
had won the Presidency.
The following is what we
reported on the Maravipost:
“The MCP team is disputing
all other results from
independent observers
relying only on those
results they claim came
from their own people.
Kaliwo is quoted in the
story to have said as a party
MCP has got its own figures
that came from their
monitors on the ground.
Chakwera said as MCP they
strongly ask MEC to respond
and work on all the
complaints his party has
launched against the
process of vote counting
which it says had some
Msowoya of the MCP
blamed the media for
making unofficial
announcement of results of
the polls arguing that MEC is
the only body that is
responsible for that. This is
false as MBC TV and Zodiac
radio were officially
approved to release these
results by MEC.
He appealed to the press to
report correctly and to
desist from reportage that
may incite the public,
claiming that the sporadic
violence incidents that have
occurred so far have been
caused by inaccurate
I dare say it is this stealth
campaign of theirs If it
succeeds that will definitely
incite the violence they
claim they do not want to
see take place.
“Here is interesting
thinking from MCP: In one
breadth: “… They actually
said what they had
yesterday was only 30
percent of the votes and
wonder how any media
house or any press
organization can actually
report that someone or a
certain party has actually
won the election” In
another: “Chipping in
Kaliwo said as a party MCP
has got its own figures that
came from their monitors
on the ground” Presumably
the press and MESN did not
have agents on the ground
to report the figures, but
only MCP was there.
MCP claims their figures
which are apparently
unique as they seem to
differ from those by MEC,
MESN and other
independent monitors,
show that in fact it is the
Malawi Congress Party
(MCP) that, if everything
goes to order, has won
these elections.
The party’s Publicity
Secretary Kabwila revealed
that what has been
happening for the past two
days has been very trying
for the MCP. “We would like
to make it very clear that
Malawi Congress Party has
not gone in the streets not
because it does not know it
has won the elections but
because we are waiting for
MEC to do its job,” she said.
The only thing this stealth
campaign being waged by
the Malawi Congress party
(MCP) will achieve is throw
more confusion


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