Daily Health Tips: Can A Hepatitis
B Positive Mother Breastfeed Her

Q please can a hepatitis B
patient breastfeed her baby
without problem to the baby and
what are the food to be taken by
the patient.

A: Yes a woman with Hepatitis B
can breastfeed her baby. The
chances of passing the virus on
through breastfeeding are
minimal and the few risks that
exist are counteracted by the fact
that the baby is, ideally,
immunized within the first 12
hours of birth. Be sure to take
care of the breasts and prevent
nipple cracks etc
What foods should a hepatitis
patient take? A healthy balanced
diet, really. Stay off alcohol
though as this causes further
damage to the liver. Be sure to
drink sufficient amounts of
water daily and discuss all drugs
you’re taking with your doctor


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