Cashgate: Senzani jailed for 3 years

Malawi’s former Principal
Secretary in the Ministry of
Toursim Treza Namathanga
Senzani has been sentenced
to 3 years in jail for offences
of money laundering.
She is the first convict in the
looting of public resources at
Capital Hill also known as
“Cashgate” scandal.
Billions of Malawi kwacha
was syphoned from
government coffers by top
government officials in 2013.
Passing the sentence on
Tuesday, Judge Ivy Kamanga
sentenced Senzani to nine
months for a charge of theft
and three years for money
laundering. The sentences
will run concurrently.
The judge also ordered the
forfeiture of her money and
banks accounts.
Justice Kamanga said on
money laundering an option
of K2 million fine cannot be
exercised. She pointed out
that despite Senzani being
first offender, she does not
deserve a suspended
Senzani pleaded guilty to
stealing around $150,000
She was arrested last year
after a probe found she
issued two government
cheques to her own
company, which did not
provide any goods or
services to government.
The country’s donors who
fund about 40 percent of
Malawi’s budget, reacted by
suspended about US $150m
earmarked for budgetary


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