JB obtains court injunction preventing release of her call logs

Former President , Joyce Banda
has obtained an injunction
preventing the release of her call
logs to Cash Gate suspect and
business tycoon Oswald Lutepo
who is answering money
laundering charges and
possession of stolen property
Lutepo’s trial was expected to
resume today.
Banda: sought the injunction
On September 4, the Zomba High
court had granted Lutepo access
to Banda ‘s and former Budget
Director and gun shot victim Paul
Mphwiyo’s call logs from
telephone operators.
However Banda is reported to
have sought an injunction from
court which will not allow the
release on yet to be known
Lutepo’s lawyer, Oswald Mtupila
made the application for the logs
on the by telling the court that
they (call logs) are of paramount
importance to the trial of his
“In the call logs we will have to
know of contracts that my client
(Lutepo) had with the Malawi
Defense Force (MDC) to supply
some materials.” said Mtupila
adding ” This will also help us
identify more witnesses”.
Was granted access to the call
logs; Lutepo
Mtupila had disclosed to the
media that he was working on
applications for the call logs from
telephone operators in question.
During the trial, Lutepo who is
also a bonafide member of
former governing People’s Party
(PP) did not take plea to the
charges as the government side
asked for more time to scrutinize
the new charges.
Besides money laundering
charges, Lutepo is also
answering perjury charges and
was recently arrested on charges
of the attempted murder of
Mphwiyo, that took place on
September 13 last year.


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