MEC implicates JB in a coup plot

Mbendera implicates JB in a coup
May 20 elections were marred by
various irregularities
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Posted on October 3, 2014
Justice Maxon Mbendera,
chairperson of the country’s
electoral body has implicated
Joyce Banda in a coup attempt
initiated by ex-President Joyce
Mbendera has alleged that Joyce
Banda instructed the Malawi
Defence Force to storm the
national tally centre at Comesa
Hall in Blantyre to nullify the
electoral process.
“It would have been a coup
d’état for the president to declare
an election null and void. The law
is very clear. It was therefore
uncalled for the President to
issue that decree ordering the
annulment of the electoral
process” Mbendera alleged in an
exclusive interview with Times
TV on Wednesday.
Amid the May 20 election stand-
off, Joyce Banda issued a
presidential decree through
which she nullified the electoral
process, citing massive electoral
fraud and “rampant
Banda, who had been standing
for re-election, ordered a new
vote within 90 days in which she
would not contest.
However, her decree was
rejected by the High Court when
the Malawi Electoral Commission
challenged it.
Her fiercest rival, Peter Mutharika
of Democratic Progressive Party
emerged winner, with MCP’s
presidential candidate, Lazarous
Chakwera, trailing on second
Justice Mbendera also revealed in
the interview that he was
summoned to State House in
Lilongwe by President Joyce
Banda who questioned
Mbendera’s neutrality following
allegations that he had donated
cash amounting to K100, 000 to
Chakwera for his campaign.
“JB’s action amounted to a coup
d’état”, claims MEC
Malawi’s May 20 elections were
marred with a variety of
irregularities, with leading
political parties claiming the
elections were rigged.
Mbendera’s allegations come at
the heel of time when Joyce
Banda has publicly declared that
she will contest in 2019 under
Peoples Party ticket.
She has been in the limelight,
with the Government scolding
her recent invitation to the UN
where she was a key note


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