MCP proposes federism in Malawi : PAC to facilitate debate

Malawi Congress Party (MCP)
made a proposal for federalism
to the Public Affairs Committee
(PAC) and the grouping has said
it will facilitate debate on subject.
Executive director Robert Phiri
said disclosed that PAC received
proposals on federalism from
main opposition MCP months
ago .
“The ideas on federalism have
been channeleld to PAC executive
committees and trustees. The
board has not taken any
position,” Phiri told Nation on
PAC has encouraged debate on
federalism, saying the “destiny of
this country is in the hands of
Malawians themselves. What can
be done is to constructively
promote debate on issues of
national importance.”
MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila
confirmed the party engaged PAC
on the federal system of
government and asked the
religious body to facilitate a
First MCP lawmaker on record to
back the calls for federism in
National Assembly was Alekeni
Last week MP for Kasungu East
Madalitso Kazombo contributing
to the 2014/15 debate started
advocating for a federal
government for the Central
He was heckled by MPs from the
government side, mostly from
South Malawi, but Kazombo
refused to be stampeded and
made his points clear.
“When we speak like this, it
means it pains us. It pains us to
see Kapyanga area with a
population of 4 000 people, but
it has no health centre,”
Kazombo said
First Deputy Speaker Esther
Mcheka Chilenje warned MPs
against bringing “controversial
issues which will bring disorder
in the House.”
Meanwhile, the CCAP Synod of
Livingstonia has said the push
for federalism should be national.
But President Peter Mutharika
has been dismissing such calls as
unnecessary . The President has
since dispatched his aides to lure
traditional leader in campaigning
against federal government in
which sovereignty is
constitutionally divided between
a central governing authority and
constituent political units such as
states or provinces,.
In Europe, most countries run
federal system of government
while in Africa, federal system of
government is practised in some
countries including South Africa
and Nigeria.


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