Lutepo Among Mphwiyo Shooting Suspects

Mr. Oswald Lutepo, the key
suspect in the Cashgate case in
which billions of taxpayers’
money were siphoned out of
government, has now been
bundled alongside former justice
minister Ralph Kasambara and
four others currently in the dock
for the alleged plot to kill former
government Budget Director Paul
This follows a revelation by one
of the suspected plotters of the
assassination of Mphwiyo, Mr.
Charles Chalunda, who claims
was paid by Lutepo to carry out
the assassination of Mphwiyo.
The shock additional suspect
was brought in by state lawyers
and accepted by High Court
judge Michael Mtambo who
refused to make the matter
private on the basis it was in the
public interest.
The development brings to six
the number of suspects
implicated in the attempted
murder of the Budget Director
currently before High Court Judge
Michael Mtambo.
Even when the state tried to
make the matter private by
requesting that an application
demanding the inclusion of Mr.
Lutepo as a suspected murder
suspect, Judge Mtambo said he
saw no reason for hearing the
matter in chambers as the issue
at hand was in the public
Mr. Chalunda, who is also a state
witness, implicated Mr Lutepo in
a police statement alleging that
he paid him to murder Mr.
Mphwiyo for which judge
Mtambo has included Lutepo
among suspects.
Judge Mtambo has also ruled that
all remaining documents be
released to Mr Kasambara.
The case has been adjourned to
November 12,2014 for continued


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