Let me clarify something about SHADOW CABINET because a lot of people are making comments without fully understanding what it is.

The Shadow Cabinet is made
up of frontbench MPs from an
official Opposition party. The
Shadow Cabinet is a feature of
the Westminster system of
government. It comprises a
senior group of opposition
spokespeople who, under the
leadership of the Leader of the
Opposition, form an alternative
cabinet to that of the
government. The Opposition
party appoints an MP to
‘shadow’ each of the members
of the Cabinet. In this way the
Opposition can make sure that
it looks at every part of the
Government and can question
them thoroughly. It also means
that the Opposition has MPs
that are ready to take specific
jobs in the Cabinet if they win
at the next General Election.
The term “spokesperson” is
used instead of “shadow”. The
reason why only sitting MPs
are chosen in Shadow Cabinet
is that they should respond to
policies and project
government is implementing
not an MP, you can not
contribute to any deliberation
in the chamber. It will be
USELESS to chose someone
who is not an MP to be in
shadow cabinet because he/
she wont have a forum to
speak on behalf of his/her


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