Anglican Bishop Brighton Malasa condemns calls for federalism

Bishop of the Anglican
Upper Shire Diocese,
Brighton Malasa has said
those who ignited calls for
federal system of
government in Malawi are
“selfish” and “greedy
politicians” and should
never be trusted.
According to Malasa, calls
for federal system are not
being made in good faith.
“Is the call being made in
good faith? Isn’t it out of
greedy politicians?
“Was (Nzomera) Ngwira not
in Democratic Progressive
Party (DPP) and People’s
Party (PP)? Why did he fail
to convince former
President and founder of
PP Joyce Banda that federal
government was better
way forward.
“Why is the agenda being
promoted straight away
when PP just lost the
elections,” queried Malasa
when Maravipost sought
his views on the matter.
The Diocesan Bishop said
those calling for it have no
credibility and that they
should not be taken
seriously as they are the
same “greedy and selfish
“It could have made sense
if they were new and
neutral people,” he added.
Meanwhile, some senior
chiefs including Paramount
Chief Kyungu of Karonga in
the northern region have
spoken against
federalism or secession of
the north.
However, Malawi Congress
Party (MCP) legislators
Alekeni Menyani and
Madilitso Kazombo backed
calls federalism in the
National Assembly,
The pary has also asked the
Public Affairs Committee
(PAC) to facilitate
constructive debate on the
But paramount Chief
Kyungu has advised
Malawians not to succumb
to such calls, which he said,
aimed at dividing country.
“Malawi is one nation, and
should remain as such,” he


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