Political parties downplay plotting Peter Mutharika’s impeachment

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has
refuted allegations that the party was
involved in a post-electoral alliance with
the former ruling Peoples Party (PP)
and the United Democratic Front (UDF).
Reports have been indicating that the
UDF leader Atupele Muluzi, who
suffered a distant defeat in the just
ended tripartite elections, masterminded
a way out in dealing away with the
DPP’s Mutharika allegedly considered to
have rigged the elections.
The UDF leader allegedly proposed of
taking advantage of opposition’s
majority in the parliament to impeach
Mutharika during first parliamentary
meeting, a move that minds of reason
deemed impossible as it lacked
substantial legal push.
The reports further indicate that MCP
and PP allegedly welcomed Muluzi’s
proposed plot in their capacities as
aggrieved parties.
They both felt the system, especially the
electoral and judiciary systems, failed
them. They all felt hijacked of their
But in an exclusive interview with
Malawi24, the MCP’s Vice President
Richard Msowoya distanced the party
from the allegations.
“We are surprised by these allegations.
The MCP never made any action alliance
whatsoever with any political party
whether pre or post elections to that
effect. We are therefore a stranger to
such accusations” Msowoya said.
“MCP is a party that follows the law of
the land. Is there any legal backing to
the so-called impeachment? We believe
no! Let me assure you, MCP comprises
sound-minded individuals who will
always advance substance in the party’s
moves” he added.
In a separate interview, the MCP’s
publicist Jessy Kabwila trashed the
impeachment allegations saying the
party never ‘adopted’ such a plot.
“We don’t even know of any such plot.
Ask honourable Atupele Muluzi if he
had approached MCP for that proposal.
Please, don’t drag us into undue battles.
We are in for real issues that will be of
importance to the nation. Spare the
useless allegations from us”, Kabwila
PP’s Ken Msonda was not available for
comment, but had earlier on expressed
ignorance of the idea.
Meanwhile, MCP and PP are nursing
their political bruises while UDF has
sought refuge in the winning DPP camp.
Reportedly, Bakili Muluzi, the UDF
founder and father to its incumbent
president, Atupele Muluzi, strategically
brokered the post-election alliance deal
in which the young Muluzi is poised to
assume the position of Speaker of the
August House while other senior
officials of his camp will be honored with
dignitary posts.


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