The renaissance of mdubvibe, an epic
Are you an artist looking for a
website where you can upload your
music for fans to download out
there? Are you intending to sell your
music online in the near future? Are
you a music fan who is in search of
high-quality music for download from
the web? If yes, then this article is a
must-read for you.
Hetherwick Kamwendo, a Malawian
who is in UK-Ireland pursuing his
studies has come with a basket of
solutions addressing your needs in
the music sharing and business.
He has commissioned a music website
called ‘Mdubvibe’, which is targeting
to connect Malawian artists with fans
across the globe. On Mdubvibe, artists
will enjoy the platform to upload
music for global consumption.The
most interesting thing is the rare
convenience whereby the artist will,
according to Kamwendo, be able to
upload the music on their own
without necessarily submitting to the
site controllers. The only magic the
artists would be required to do is to
sign up for the website. Simple!
– See more at:


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