Former President of the republic of
Malawi faces imminent arrest, Malawi24
has established.
Well placed sources within the DPP
camp confided to Malawi24 during the
swearing in ceremony of Malawi’s
president-elect, Peter Mutharika and his
deputy Saulos Chilima, held today at the
Blantyre High Court that two charge
sheets have been prepared.
The source, a prominent lawyer who
also served under Joyce Banda, said it is
just a matter of time that President
Mutharika will press the green button to
nab the outgoing president.
“Two charge sheets had been prepared.
She will be charged for abuse of office
and blatant corruption which occurred
with her nod. Through this case, DPP’s
regime, like members of the public, aim
to establish her role in the infamous
cashgate scandal. We all know she is the
bigger fish behind cashgate. Time to cast
the net wide”, he said.
On cashgate, the lawyer also said the
Malawi Government is working with the
government of South Africa for the
extradition of Paul Mphwiyo who
secured asylum in South Africa. Our
reporter saw the sheets with evidence
prepared by the country’s graft buster,
Malawi24 has been made aware
that with full blessings from President
Joyce Banda, the fugitive former Malawi
Government Budget Director Paul
Mphwiyo bolted from
law enforcement agency about a month
ago. Mphwiyo is alleged to have been
Mrs. Banda’s errand boy in the cashgate
“When unofficial results showed
Mutharika was leading, we established
contacts with the South African
Government to extradite Mphwiyo. We
knew the extradition process could take
months and ultimately delay the
cashgate trial of Madam Banda”, the
lawyer said.
The second charge, according to the
source, relates to President Banda’s
attempt to nullify the electoral process.
“similar to the mid night 6 et al, Banda’s
decree to nullify the elections is
tantamount to treason and violation of
the Republic Constitution. In practice,
she will not be charged with treason.
Rather, we have used her decree as
evidence that she attempted to
invalidate the constitution by
constructively declaring an illegal state
of emergency”.
Asked to comment on whether this is
tit-for-tat by Peter Mutharika who was
persecuted by Joyce Banda with
different charges including treason, the
lawyer said that is up to the public to
“What we all know is the public wants to
establish the truth behind cashgate.
DPP’s regime promises to deliver that
without any delays. We have compiled
evidence that reveal how Joyce Banda
benefited from the misappropriation of
billions of kwachas of public funds. And
everyone knows that Joyce Banda
nullified the elections”
The lawyer also said based on
investigations by Malawi’s graft-buster,
Joyce Banda will be joined in the cooler
by her sons and Army Generals.


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