Just like Peter, the late Bingu was
also rejected by nearly two-thirds of
Malawians in 2004. But he turned the
rejection around with his powerful
inaugral speech. With that epoch-
making speech, people who voted for
him (UDF-ers) started loathing him;
those who voted against him
embraced him.
That speech had everything, detail,
clarity, hope et al. It emboldened the
hope that was quickly becoming an
endangered specie in Malawi.
But I must say Peter’s speech today
was so flat it was uninspiring, if not
boring. His delivery was also not
inspiring. He seemed tired,
disinterested. He even rushed
through it, asking us to read it
ourselves on the Internet. My foot!
And his mannerisms were disgusting,
he was too shifty.
An inaugral speech sets the tone for
the presidency. Peter should
immediately hire a therapists to
coach him on delivery and decorum. I
know the presidency was forced on
him; he was cool with the quiet as a
university don.
But he is our president now and he is
a good man; he can do it, he just have
to put his heart to it.


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